Details: 60 capsules, 4500mg


Suitable for Vegans: Yes


Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes




Beetroot extract 10:1 (equivalent to 2200mg beetroot powder) 220mg
Montmorency cherry extract 10:1 (equivalent to 2200mg cherry powder) 220mg
Beetroot powder
Montmorency cherry powder 

Hydroxy-Propyl-Methylcellulose (HMPC)


Beetroot Extract


Beetroot extract:



Our beetroot extract is an effective combination of Beetroot and Montmorency cherry, it is rich in bioavailable antioxidants, vitamins, folic acid, and non-irritating iron. Beetroot itself is naturally high in Nitrate which is used by the body to produce Nitric Oxide, although Nitric Oxide is produced naturally in the system, by eating Nitrate rich foods you can dramatically increase its availability. This successful combination acts as an anti-inflammatory to aid in boosting the immune system.


Potential benefits:


- Increases energy levels and stamina.

- Supports iron balance.

- Promotes a healthy functioning immune system.

- Maintains blood sugar balance and normal cholesterol levels.

- Supports healthy joint function.

- Promotes cleansing of the liver, kidney, spleen and gallbladder.

- Maintains healthy blood alkaline levels.

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