Details: 90 capsules


Suitable for Vegans: Yes


Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes




Juniper berry
Dandelion leaf 
Leaf Kelp 
Parsley leaf
Radish leaf
Magnesium oxide 
Vitamin B6

Herbal AquaLibera


Herbal AquaLibera- Fluid Level Support:


Herbal AquaLibera is a potent herbal formula to support healthy fluid level in the body. The 8 active ingredients encourage natural elimination of retained water. Water retention can result in skin discoloration, stiff joints, bloating abdomen, puffy fingers and eyes. Water retention could be caused by excessive salt/sodium intake, lack of protein in the diet, lack of magnesium and vitamin B6, kidney failure, heart disease, HRT and other drugs (such as cortisone).


Potential benefits:

- Removes excess fluid and waste.
- Supports healthy fluid balance in the body.

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