Details: 120 capsules, 500mg


Suitable for Vegans: Yes


Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes




Pure Mangosteen 

(HPMC) Capsule Shell

Magnesium Stearate
Silicone Dioxide

Mangosteen - The Queen of the Fruits


Mangosteen- The Queen of Fruit:


Mangosteen is a tropical fruit well known in Southeast Asia for it's delicious 
taste and numerous health benefits. It's extremely high in vitamin C, fiber and the most powerful antioxidants found in nature- xanthones. Xanthones
are a natural antibiotic and have a significant support on the cardiovascular health.


Potential benefits:

- Antiviral, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties.
- Improves acne, eczema and skin rashes.
- Protects against free radicals.
- Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails.
- Supports a healthy cardiovascular system and lowers blood sugar.
- Improves immune system.

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